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Whales And Leopards Of Sri Lanka - Special departure - Expired

Join the Australian Geographic Society's editor-in-chief Chrissie Goldrick on this nine-day safari through Sri Lanka on the 8th March 2014 - now expired. With your camera at the ready, journey to Yala National Park in privately chartered jeeps to see leopards, before visiting the coast for a trip abroad a private boat to search for both sperm and blue whales. Blue whale flukeA percentage of this trip's profit goes towards the Australian Geographic Society.

Yala National Park is teaming with wildlife and has the highest concentrations of leopards in the world. Whale watching excursions are conducted from the fishing village of Marissa. Blue whales, enthusiastic pods of dolphins and the delicate flying fish encounters are very common.

This departure is only bookable via our Australia office. Click here to email the team.

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