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Turkey Adventures

Road cycling, TurkeyAt Exodus we offer an exciting range of summer trips and Turkey has perhaps the perfect balance - mixed activity trips including the 'Lycian Activity Week' biking trips like the 'Aegean Coast & Lakes Ride' or the off-road 'Trails of the Turquoise Coast'. We also feature two contrasting coastal cruising itineraries: the relaxed, lazy drift of the 'Lycian Cruise' exploring the coves and beaches from Kalkan to Kas, finishing at the sunken city of Kekova or, alternatively, try the more physically demanding mixed activity 'Gulet Activity Cruise' - a trip designed to combine the relaxed comfort of a traditional Gulet boat with the action and adventure of canyoning, diving, biking and kayaking.

Walking along the Turquoise CoastWe also offer wonderful opportunities to walk the coastal and mountain beauty of a selection of Turkeys most historically and culturally interesting locations with two walking itineraries: 'The Turquoise Coast' - a leisurely paced series of day walks in the region surrounding our base in Kas, or 'The Ultimate Lycian Way' - a truly spectacular (if ever so slightly more demanding) route following the famous marked trail along the Lycian Coast. Highlights include ascending the limestone peaks of Mount Tahtali - known to most of us as Mount Olympos, visiting the mosque at Cirali and culminating in walking the final stretch of coastline to the lighthouse at Cape Gelidonya.

Canyoning in LyciaNew for 2008

Lycian Activity Advanced Weeks - Aimed at those of you who have tried canyoning and kayaking before, are physically fit and may even have done the Lycian Activity Week or one of our other multi activity trips previously. The itinerary involves some longer, more technical and demanding days on all activities and includes an overnight camp on the canyoning and sea kayaking trips. Mid week features a chance to try scuba diving (optional) and the week is rounded off with a day of grade 3-4 white water rafting on the Dalaman River, home to some of the best paddling in Turkey.
The Advanced Weeks are featured periodically throughout the summer season as part of the Lycian Activity Week series - - please see relevant website page (look for the small information icon next to the departure dates) and download the Trip Notes for full details.


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