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Explore a winter wonderland with Exodus

March is a perfect month for cross-country skiing in Norway. The days are long, and the temperatures more comfortable than mid winter - and the snow conditions are usually excellent.

Take a look at our winter recommendations:

We recommended Kamben (Trip Code: CXM), Sjusjoen (Trip Code: CXJ) and Rondablikk (Trip Code: CXR) for beginners. More experienced skiers should head for Kvitavatn (Trip Code: CXK) - we have grades 3 and 4 featuring on our multi grade weeks on 01, 15 and 22 March. Synsetter (Trip Code: CXY) is also excellent for more experienced skiers.

For keen Snowshoers the Pyrenees offers excellent conditions through March and early April. Our two holidays here are based at La Feniere, our lovely private chalet close to the spa town of Bagneres de Luchon. On certain weeks (Trip Code: CEP) we offer a tougher trip that heads for higher ground in the Aigues Tortes National Park in Spain. Other weeks (Trip Code: CEW) feature 5 days walks from La Feniere.



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