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Responsible Travel News
Seasoned travelling in Nepal
Off the beaten track in Norway
First light, first leopard (Kenya)
Where to go for under £650
Solo Traveller Departures
Blue Sky Thinking (Namibia)
We know because we go
Jewels of the Nile (Egypt)
Must see, will see (Peru)
Dreams are made here
Amazing Amalfi (Italy)
Exodus Slideshows (UK)
Spitzbergen Dream (Norway)
Talking Turkey
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Calling all photographers...

Extracts Winter 2009

Exodus are 35 in 2009!

Welcome to the latest edition (Winter 2008/9) of Extracts (on our website!) in this, our 35th year of operating adventure holidays. 2008 brought with it many things both good and bad, but the great credit crunch crash and the resultant financial turmoil will certainly live long in our collective memories. To me it has also brought into sharp focus the real value of money and how we all choose to spend it. Spontaneous purchases of the frivolous, the unnecessary or products that simply will not last, now feels irresponsible. However, I believe that our holidays can and do deliver the opposite.

Discovering other cultures, giving something back to the communities you visit or challenging your fitness on a trek or cycle ride are surely meaningful. In addition for most of us, holidays that refresh and invigorate are an absolute necessity as part of our modern stress-ridden lives. And, forgive me a few clichés, the view from the top of Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp, or the friends you meet whilst getting there will last a lifetime.
Peter Burrell - Managing Director - Exodus Travels Ltd.


Page 4 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. Veteran photographer joins the Exodus team
We are delighted to welcome veteran photographer, author and expedition leader John Warburton-Lee to Exodus. John has been a full time professional photographer for over 12 years and has travelled extensively. He runs his own specialist travel image library and has published two books about his epic expeditions leading service personnel across Africa and Latin America. He also travels and writes for various travel magazines and has a passion for travelling to remote areas. John will be leading several Exodus photography trips this year to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, to the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia and to see the many wonders of Peru.

China eclipse in 2009
Experience the mystery and excitement of a total solar eclipse in China. The eclipse in 2009 falls on 22nd July and will have the longest duration of all the eclipses in the 21st century. Call us for more details or visit the China Eclipse (ACT) holiday page.

More News

Page 5 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. Adventure Pioneers
We have a winner for our Adventure Pioneers competition; Nicola Watson. To find out more either download the document in pdf by clicking on the page image or visit the Adventure Pioneers  trip page.

Valerie is on top of the world
Staying on the same theme, Valerie Parkinson reached a new high in her adventurous life; reaching the summit on Mount Manaslu, Nepal. Valerie is the first British woman to reach the summit of Manaslu (8th highest in the world), without the use of supplementary oxygen. In spring 2009 Valerie will be attempting to summit Everest, her second 8000m peak.



Responsible Travel News

Pages 6 and 7 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. It is generally acknowledged that high carbon dioxide emissions are leading to climate change. At Exodus we have specifically developed two projects which have a direct benefit, not just to the local communities, but also help reduce carbon emissions and help the environment - Solar Cookers in Nepal and Smokeless Stoves in Tanzania.

Read more by clicking on the page image or visit our Responsible Travel pages.





Seasoned travelling in Nepal

Pages 8 and 9 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. If it has always been your dream to go trekking in Nepal's Himalaya, you want to make sure that you go at the right time of year. Get it wrong and you could find that those tantalisingly close mountain views are obscured by low cloud or sheets of monsoon rain. Luckily, our team of travel experts are on hand to help you make an informed decision…

See our selection of adventure holidays to Nepal

Read more by clicking on the page image.



Off the beaten track in Norway

Page 10 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. After a brisk 20 minutes waxing the base of our steel-edged touring skis in the warmth of the ski room, we headed outdoors into the bright crisp morning sun to start a week exploring the wilds of Kvitavatn’s snow fields. Taking a relatively gentle track out of the Fjellstoge, our group followed the resident leader and local expert down the slope towards the frozen namesake lake of the ski centre. The track follows the shoreline - although you’ll have to take the word of the trail keepers for this, as there is no visible evidence of it apart from the markers used for navigation. At the end of the lake are the undulating slopes which sit below the imposing dominance of Gausta Toppen, highest point in the region and the ultimate goal for the week.

See our selection of adventure holidays to Norway

Read more by clicking on the page image.


First light, first leopard

Page 11 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. As the still hidden sun sets the eastern ridge ablaze, a pair of crowned cranes glide silently overhead. From their burrow below the summit of a ten-foot termite mound, a trio of jackal cubs watch anxiously for their mother – she’s been gone all night again, with no explanation – and for a moment a rat race of rodents sprint alongside the vehicle. Like the Exodus camp named after him, the kicheche – or mongoose - rises early, and his appearance sparks an old debate: are this lot mongooses, or mongeese?

See our selection of adventure holidays to Kenya

Read more by clicking on the page image.



Where can you go for under £650

Page 12 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. At Exodus we always strive to bring you exceptional holiday experiences at a fair price so that you get value for money.
We also ensure that our local staff are fairly paid for the valuable work that they do in making your holiday both memorable and enjoyable. In recent times the cost of travel has increased for everyone but it is still possible to have an amazing holiday without breaking the bank.

See our selection of adventure holidays under £650

Read more by clicking on the page image.



Solo Traveller Departures

Page 13 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. A growing number of Exodus clients choose to travel on their own. Sometimes it’s because their partner or friends don’t share their enthusiasm for adventure travel and sometimes it’s because they’ve discovered that travelling solo can enhance the whole group holiday experience. Of course, when you travel with Exodus, travelling solo doesn’t mean travelling alone. You’ll be with a group of people who love adventure travel as much as you do, with a Tour Leader to take care of daily arrangements and lead the way. It’s a great way of meeting new people and making new friends – perhaps for life. You need never worry about travelling in remote areas alone or finding someone to dine with in the evening; the beauty of group travel is that there are always other people with whom you can share your travel experiences.

However, we know that turning up on your own can be a little daunting, especially if you’ve never tried it before. People sometimes worry that they will be the only person who is on their own and that everyone else will be in a couple. So, for people who want to go on a group holiday knowing in advance that there won’t be any couples, we have set aside some departure dates which are exclusively for solo travellers. These are clearly indicated in our brochures and here on the website.

See our selection of solo traveller departures

Read more by clicking on the page image.

Blue Sky Thinking

Pages 14 and 15 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. Veteran East Africa expert Paul Goldstein generally takes his main course in the Mara; he drops south here to Namibia… For desert.

As I will tell any who will listen and plenty who won’t, the quintessence of Africa can be found on the dotted plains of Kenya’s Masai Mara, and yet the rumours that Namibia could match my favourite wilderness have been following me round like lack-backed jackals. Tales of Etosha, the Dunes, Damaraland and the Kaokoveld keep turning up like uninvited hyenas at a cheetah kill. So with prejudices parked carefully to one side, I packed a bag and flew to this vast, harsh land in Africa’s wild southwest.

See our selection of adventure holidays to Namibia

Read more by clicking on the page image.

We know because we go

Pages 16 and 17 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. At Exodus we are passionate about travel and many of our staff try out a trip or two each year. This means that we are able to provide expert knowledge about our trips to prospective clients.

The destinations discussed in these articles: Yukon Territory, Canada; Libya; Thailand; Jordan

Read more by clicking on the page image.




Jewels of the Nile

Pages 18 and 19 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. The three Egyptian cities you mustn’t miss!
Cairo, Aswan and Luxor are discussed in this article and well worth a read, as well as a visit!

Why travel to Egypt with Exodus? An Egyptologist on every trip. Depending on your choice of trip, an Egyptologist will either be leading the group or accompanying you at the major historical sites. Their wealth of knowledge is invaluable in understanding and enjoying the archaeological sites.
We travel by 5-star Nile Cruise boat - Exodus now proudly guarantees a 5-star cruise boat on our ‘Nile Cruise’ and ‘Egyptian Discoverer’ trips.
We offer premium adventures at a competitive price - Travel on our popular ‘Nile Cruise’, ‘Egyptian Discoverer’,
Egyptology’ or ‘Highlights of Egypt’ trips and enjoy a high standard of accommodation throughout. We use 4/5-star (Egyptian classification) hotels in Cairo, Aswan and Luxor, all with comfortable rooms and great facilities…including large outdoor pools!
We know because we go - If you have any questions, just give us a call! We know Egypt really well and can advise you on the trip that will suit you best.
A wider range of trips - Because we now our stuff, we have introduced 4 new trips for 2009. Check out our latest Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure brochure and discover more cities, deserts and oases!

Read more by clicking on the page image.

Must see, will see!

Pages 20 and 21 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. Exodus Sales Team member Adrian Colvin had long admired the many amazing pictures of Machu Picchu but would seeing it for real live up to his expectations? He embarked on the ‘Inca Trail and Amazon Rainforest’ trip to find out.

See our selection of adventure holidays to Peru

Read more by clicking on the page image.




Dreams are made here

Page 22 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. NEW Premium Adventures
While many people just love camping and ‘roughing it’ a little, others prefer a more gentile approach to their adventure travel. If you’re dreaming of having an adventure holiday with a little extra style and comfort, then welcome to our 24 new Premium Adventures. You’ll discover some of the world’s most amazing locations and relax in specially selected accommodation chosen for its character, location and comfort.

See our selection of Premium Adventure holidays

Read more by clicking on the page image.



Amazing Amalfi

Page 23 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. With its winning combination of stunning scenery, glorious weather, rich history and unsurpassed local cuisine, the Amalfi Coast might just be Europe’s most complete holiday destination...

Ever since Roman times, when the notoriously bacchanalian emperor Tiberius ruled the Western world from his cliff-top villa, the Amalfi Coast has enjoyed a reputation as a playground of the rich and famous.

See our selection of adventure holidays to Italy

Read more by clicking on the page image.



Exodus Slideshows

Page 24 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. Exodus slideshows presentations are a real treat for anyone interested in travel. From photography to cycling, wildlife to archaeology; join us for an evening of stunning images and travel anecdotes.


See the current list of future slideshows and reserve your place

Read more by clicking on the page image.




Spitzbergen Dream

Page 25 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. The crackle of the ship radio drifted into my fitful sleep that early July morning aboard the MV Shokalskiy. What was that? “Bear!” Sleep was quickly discarded as I leapt out of my warm cocoon and rushed out on deck. My eyes instantly scanned the horizon, looking for a white speck in the distance. Panic ensued as I thought I might have missed it. But then, time came to a grinding halt. Only 20 metres away, broad neck swaying side to side, nose quivering in the air, trying to lock onto the bacon aromas wafting from the galley, was the most magnificent creature I have ever seen. The gentle brown eyes scanned the ship deck, disguising the ease of the meal it could make of us given half a chance. For the next hour the Polar bear merrily frolicked on its silvery stage, giving many of us the performance of a lifetime, until finally it decided it was time for the curtain to fall and to invest its energy into looking for an achievable meal.

See our selection of adventure holidays to the Arctic

Read more by clicking on the page image.


Talking Turkey

Page 26 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. Three trips to Turkey are featured in this article; Lycian Activity Week, The Turquoise Coast and The Ultimate Lycian Way.

Take a look at Turkey for yourselves.

We’ve got over 20 trip videos live on our website now. These can be accessed from the community area and are also available on the individual trip pages. Click on the following link for a birds-eye virtual flight of The Ultimate Lycian Way

See our selection of adventure holidays to Turkey

Read more by clicking on the page image.


On the Road with ...

Page 27 of Exodus Extracts Magazine, Winter 2009. Jack Kerouac’s travel classic ‘On the Road’ is 50. To mark the novel’s birthday, we talk to three seasoned travellers; Chris Packham, BBC TV presenter and Exodus guide, John Warburton-Lee, Photographer and Exodus guide, Amy Beeton, Leading British climber and Exodus client.

Here are some of their favourite destinations - Alaska, Alps, Australia, Himalaya, Kenya, Patagonia, Yellowstone National Park to name a few!

Read more by clicking on the page image.



Calling all photographers...

Back Cover of Exodus Extracts MagazineEvery month in the Exodus e-newsletter we invite readers to send in their favourite photos taken on their travels with us. The owner of the winning entry receives a signed copy of ‘Dotted Plains, Spotted Game’, a beautiful photo book by Exodus’ award-winning photographer, Paul Goldstein. Visit our Winners Gallery page to view all the winning entries.






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