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Worth More Alive V - the fight continues...

The Striped Campaign Continues...    

The future of the Tiger is still uncertain. 2014 brings new challenges and a continued plight. 

These beautiful creatures are still being poached, bodies still being violated and all for the false beliefs that Tiger parts will improve their lacking libido, give strength or even luck; false beliefs that will end in extinction if nothing is done.
As many of you may know, Exodus and Paul Goldstein have been campaigning for years to help fight against the uncertain plight these striped feline predators are to be forced through. And this year will be no different. 
Thanks to generous strangers, friends, family and customers we've been able to raise over £100,000 for this battle.  We once again, thank you all for your kind donations.  Without you, our fight would be non-existent.  

A Final Outing, A Final Idea...?

This could be the final outing of the Tiger.  She may be retiring, so Paul has decided on one final outing for his striped companion.  Together they have covered 120 miles in one week!

Paul ran the Brighton Marathon on 6th April, after which he ran/jogged/staggered his way to London for a special Catching the Moment lecture at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, just before he completed the London Marathon on 13th April.

Paul and his tiger suit also flew to India. He guided both a snow leopard safari at altitude (and minus 26 of cold) and his tigers and cricket tour. This has been no mean feat. Once again Paul has put his body through the ringer to fight this battle. 

£1 for Tiger Found

We will also be running the £1 for Tiger Found campaign too, so if you see Paul and the Tiger out and about whether in Brighton, London or in-between be sure to tell us and we'll donate £1 for every Tiger seen.  Even better, we'll donate £2 for every photo submitted too!

Ways to tell us:
Email -
Facebook -
Twitter - @exodustravels
Instagram - @exodustravels

A special thanks goes to our friends at Opticron Binoculars who will be matching all donations made.  

And once again, a very special thanks to all of you that have donated to the Worth More Alive campaign over the last five years.  We can't continue the fight without you...

If you'd like to donate to Paul's challenge then please visit the Worth More Alive Just Giving Page. 

Raised funds go to Friends of Conservation. This money will ultimately be used to service Bandhavgarh Park, helping local communities and ensuring that poaching is restricted. Thus helping to preserve the ever decreasing numbers of Tigers in India. 







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