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Exodus Videos

What's it really like on an Exodus holiday? Take a look at some of our recent trip videos.

Chamonix Snowshoe Video

Chamonix Snowshoe

Mont Blanc Winter Activity video

Mont Blanc Activity

Yukon River Expedition video

Yukon Canoe Trip

Emperor  Penguins Video

Emperor Penguins Video

The Inca  Trail video

Inca Trail Video

Kilimanjaro video
Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

Rio  Carnival
Rio Carnival

Lapland video
Lapland video

Rio  Sunset

Rio at Sunset from Sugarloaf

Discover Namibia Video

Discover Namibia

Cuzco  video
Cuzco Main Square

Family holiday fun in Italy video
Family Holiday to Italy

Galapagos Island Snorkelling Video

Galapagos Islands

South  Africa Journey video

South Africa Journey

Mountain gorllas video

Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

Picos  de Europa mountain biking

Picos de Europa

Mountain Biking

New  Zealnd Trekking with Exodus
New Zealnd Trekking


Snow  Hill with Exodus

Snow Hill


South  Georgia

South Georgia

Our  People in the Polar Regions

Our People

North  Pole

North Pole

Kiya  Survivors

Kiya Survivors


Lukla  Airport landing

Lukla Airport landing

Darjeeling, Sikkim & Kanchenjunga

Darjeeling, Sikkim

& Kanchenjunga

Dog  Sledding video

Dog Sledding, Finland

Tanzania Porter School video

Tanzania Porter School

 Sri Lanka video

Sri Lanka: A 10 day Journey

Our Man in Havana video

Our Man in Havana



South Africa Leader Training video

South Africa Leader Training




Land of Hemingway & Che Guevara video

Land of Hemingway & Che Guevara



We hope to build up a library of videos so if you have any footage from your Exodus trips please let us know. Welcome to our world of adventure!

Google Earth Trekking Flights - Instant Video Simulations

You'll find the Google Earth Trekking Videos on a number of our most popular holidays. Click through the Google Earth link and then sit back and follow our route on a virtual flight over the terrain.


Everest Base Camp (Trip code: TNT)


Stok Kangri Climb (Trip code: TGP)


Kilimanjaro - Rongai Route
(Trip code: TYW)

Kilimanjaro & Safari
(Trip code: TYX)

Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar
(Trip code: TYZ)

Kilimanjaro, Serengeti & Zanzibar
(Trip code: TYC)


The Ultimate Lycian Way
(Trip code: TTL


The Pyrenees: GR10
(Trip code: TWR)


Mont Blanc Hotel Tour
(Trip code: TWO)


Inca Royal Highway (Trip code: APR)

Peru Explorer
(Trip code: APX)

Inca Trail & Amazon Rainforest
(Trip code: TPJ)

The Inca Trail
(Trip ciode: TPT)

Lake Titicaca & The Inca Trail
(Trip code: TPB)

Classic Peru
(Trip code: TPR)

Inca Trail & The Galapagos Islands
(Trip code: TPP)


Torres Del Paines Circuit
(Trip code: TAT)


Annapurna Sanctuary
(Trip code: TNS)


Petra & Wadi Rum
(Trip code: TXR)


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