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Number of Reviews: 179 Overall score: *****
***** Written
Walking The Amalfi Coast


A really fabulous week in a beautiful part of Italy, walking every day along the stunning Amalfi coastline with a lovely group of people.  I couldn't think of a better way to spend a holiday!
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***** Written


We can see pictures, watch TV documentaries or read books about the sahara, but to go there is something else.  To see, feel, smell and touch the desert is something very special.
***** Written
Petra & Wadi Rum by Bike


My first ever organised tour of any kind (at 61yrs old) I thoroghly enjoyed it. A good mix of people who got on well so that was lucky and good for all of us. Always wanted to see Petra and knew little of the other regional visits which were also interesting, Roman city of Jerash, Dead sea resort, the Red sea at Aquaba (never done snorkling on a coral reef, brill)  and a camp site at Wadi rum all very different. 
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***** Written


I was introduced to Antarctica in the most amazing way. When we arrived there was a blanket of heavy fog the team got us on the zodiac and navigated on compass bearings. Suddenly like the curtain of a stage being pulled back we sat in sky of blue surrounded by a wild and pristine environment.
***** Written
Patagonian Highlights

Patagonian highlights

A place that is a must see. My second experience of using exodus as a holiday company. My first in jordan was a vacation I would not hesitate to recommend...for the tour , the organisation, the tour guide leadership etc etc. I loved Patagonia, but the quality of the tour did not meet that what I experienced with exodus previously. The tour guide struggled with meeting the diverse needs of our large group (18) . Also, the options advertised as part of the tour trip notes were not always available. This was a wonderful trip but don't rely on the options advertised if they are important for you.
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Exodus Response

We are sorry that Anne found certain aspects of this trip to be disappointing. Her tour leader usually receives good feedback from our clients, so we were sorry to learn that Anne’s experience was not so positive. We understand that unfortunately her optional activity of choice in El Calafate was not possible over the busy Christmas period, so Anne’s tour leader organised an extra walk for members of the group who wished; we are nonetheless sorry for any disappointment caused.

Adam Roberts - Trip Manager for South America


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