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Number of Reviews: 122 Overall score: *****
Walking in the Sierra de las Mamblas, Spain
***** Written
Secret Trails of Medieval Spain

Take a second look at SIERRA DE LAS MAMBLAS

Interesting scenery sprinkled with a few really, truely spectacular vistas. Dry, Mediterranean forests and farmland, a little bit of fauna and tonnes of fantastic flora in all its flowery and scented glory in Spring. The remains of plenty of interesting ancient and modern history was seen and discussed. Authentic villages, both rundown and renovated, without the fake touristy smiles. I'm even considering doing this trip a second time.
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The Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuador
***** Written
Galapagos & Amazon


An excellent trip to two different environments (plus Quito), seeing lots of wildlife and visiting wild places, new experiences (snorkelling and being at the highest altitude that I've been to). The itineraries at Napo and in the Galapagos Islands are busy but there's also time to relax and just enjoy the sights and sounds.
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