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Number of Reviews: 186 Overall score: *****
Angkor south gate, Cambodia
***** Written


A really first class trip, completed with a  great group of people, excellent leaders, fabulous weather (if a litttle hot!), excellent bikes and more than reasonable (on the whole) hotels.  Visiting both Angkor Wat and Pnomh Penh Killing Fields provided some hugely thought provoking moments and added a dimension to this wonderful tour
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***** Written

I did wonder how I would get on learning a new technique like skating after years of trying to stay upright on classical skis, but with Eric and Heather's instruction they had me skating in no time!  I think it really helped my balance to do 2 days of classical first and then the rest of the week skating (although there was the option of reverting to classical for the last 2 days if you wanted) 

Walking in Kerala, India
***** Written


I enjoyed the holiday very much. The scenery and forna were wonderful. The holiday was varied. The day on the boat on the backwater was restful after the exersion of the trek.
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Making local friends, Trinidad, Cuba
***** Written


Overall a nice holiday. We saw and experienced a huge amount in two weeks of which we enjoyed more and more the further away we travelled towards the east of the island and away from Havana. Baracoa was definitely the highlight of our trip. We knew in advance that there were 2 to 3 long days on the coach. Perhaps did not fully appreciate that we were on the coach for average of 3-4 hours or more on travelling days on top of the advance communicated longer travel days.
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Exodus Response

Thank you for taking the time to write a detailed account of your experiences on La Isla Grande (AUB), your feedback is very important to us and we read it carefully. I will be discussing your comments with our local operator and reviewing our Trip Notes for errors. Whilst we don't attempt to hide the fact that this trip involves some long distances by coach, I realise this could be made clearer by having the journey times present on each day and so I will be adding this information to the Trip Notes shortly. At the moment they are left out because they can be variable (e.g. a 3 hour journey could become longer if the planned stops escalate, as may have been the case on your trip), but I believe that approximate times would be useful.

In Cuba most hotels are run by the state and although some private hotel chains can be found these are typically of the 'all-inclusive' variety that you mentioned and tend to be in coastal locations only. This leaves very limited options for accommodation in towns and this is an area where the country struggles as a whole because there aren’t enough hotels to cope with the demand. In Trinidad there are just a handful of properties, of which only 3 are suitable for our groups and all of these are resort style accommodations. This wouldn't normally be our first choice (like you, we prefer small, characterful properties) however, there simply aren’t any alternatives in some of the areas that we visit.

All Cuban guides work for and are trained by the state but we select a pool of guides who regularly work with us, which ensures consistency and enables guides to receive additional training led by Exodus. Our guides tend to be a highlight for many of our clients and receive a lot of praise - several have been nominated or received recognition in the 'Tour Leader of the Year Awards' in previous years. I will be sending out a reminder to them about offering different options for lunch wherever possible (as you noticed, there aren’t many places to get snacks in Cuba so this can be one of the reasons why larger meals are eaten at lunchtime).

I hope this helps to explain some of the issues that you felt affected your trip and would like to thank you again for providing feedback. I think Cuba has a huge amount of charm precisely because it works so differently to the rest of the world. Despite some frustrations with the system and limitations in regard to hotel choice it remains one of my favourite countries! I hope you have some wonderful memories of your trip.

Vicky Boughton - Product Manager for Cuba
Luang Prabang, Laos
***** Written


A great trip with good companions that got on very well, were up for everything (excursions & dinners), well led by excellent group leaders, with travel arrangements that were faultless.  Laos and Cambodia fascinating - quite different from each other - a fabulous in country experience.
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Feluccas sailing on the Nile, Egypt
***** Written


This holiday was excellent. I cannot reccomend it highly enough if like us you want a combination of sunshine and a great introduction to Egyptian history and pre-history.
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***** Written


***** Written

A really good introduction to snowshoeing in a country that was much more scenic and welcoming than I expected. So much is packed into the 8 day trip that it feels like much longer (in a good way!) and in my opinion is great value for money.


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