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Number of Reviews: 189 Overall score: *****
Clients on camels among sand dunes, Sahara Desert, Morocco
***** Written


This is a trip in 3 parts, Sahara, High Atlas and Marrakech. All three are excellent experiences in their own right although the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, after the Sahara and Atlas Mnts, was a bit a jolt back to reality.
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Ethiopian wolf in the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
***** Written


Very disapointing trip. It is really Birding By Bus. Wildlife and Wilderness is very misleading as the tour is basically a bus tour, limited to roads with no real wilderness exerience other than the Bale mountains at the end of the trip.The bus has 17 seats with leg room. There were 18 of us which meant each day, one person had a very uncomfortable 7-8 hour bus ride. Limited windows that open meant bird/wildlife spotting was resticted with 18 people trying to get access to 6 windows!! 
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Exodus Response

Thank you for your feedback. We are already looking into some of the issues you have raised here. In particular it is clear that the leader did not deliver on the service we expect from our leaders. We have also been discussing the group size with our local partners in Ethiopia and will be reducing the group size of this trip as of 2013.

As some of the other reviews demonstrate this trip is very popular with many people but it is always useful to get feedback such as yours in order to tweak tours when necessary in order to improve them further.

Tom - Trip Manager for Ethiopia
Four Masai giraffes, Masai Mara Nature Reserve, Kenya
***** Written


This was a great holiday but we did have a good group of people so we were lucky. There was a lot of driving though and not much exercise which I found difficult. I'm not sure how we were supposed to do some of the activities listed in the itinerary as there was no time.
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Nearing the summit of Mt Olympos, Turkey
***** Written


Any potential traveller on this trip needs to be aware that the terrain may be harsher than other parts of europe and training may be necessary to gain full enjoyment of this trip;experience may be useful!
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Coatimundi crossing a jungle road with cyclist, Costa Rica
***** Written


A fantastic way to pass through three countries, great opportunities to see wildlife, diversity in landscape and even the heat and humidity couldn't spoil a great way to spend two weeks.
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Komodo dragon
***** Written


This is a new trip and still needs some tweeking. More time is needed with orangutans and there should be less "free time".  No "free time" is needed on a 12 day trip!. Extra activities should be added to fill the time available.
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***** Written

The Picos area has a wonderful range of habitats and Ilja knows the area intimately, so, if conditions are right, he will show you everything from wild flowers, fungi, butterflies, fire salamanders and marbled newts up to chamois, otters, griffon vultures, golden eagles and black winged kites. All set in an area of outstanding landscapes.


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