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Number of Reviews: 165 Overall score: *****
Lac Blanc, France
***** Written


These are lovely walks but the accommodation is too cramped.
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Exodus Response

In the trip notes the Chalet Savoy is described as homely. The bathrooms are small because it is an Alpine Chalet and not a purpose built hotel. However, unlike a hotel the Exodus group has exclusive use of the property and with a lounge, fireplace room and dining room, we feel there is sufficient space for our groups. As mentioned in this review there are great facilities in the chalet including drying room, plentiful hot water and guests love the views from the chalet, the relaxed atmosphere and the free coffee and tea and internet. As mentioned in the trip notes a cooked breakfast is not offered and porridge is rare in French hotels, however the breakfast does include a good selection of cereals, yoghurt, eggs and croissants. Many of the reviews on this page comment on Elaine’s delicious cooking, in particular her filling cakes and packed lunches.

We are sorry to hear that Ms Coutts experienced folliculitis. The hot tub at the Chalet Savoy has been installed for 5 years now. Chemical levels are checked on a daily basis, the water frequently changed and guests urged to have a shower before using it. This is the first instance of someone registering a problem from it. We have been advised that Folliculitis is quite a common skin disorder and there are many causes other than from a hot tub. You will see from the reviews below it is very popular as guests enjoy relaxing and taking in the spectacular views of the Chamonix Valley at the same time.
Polar bears, Spitsbergen
***** Written


This was not just a holiday - it was a privilege. First class ship (A S Vavilov), crew, Exped Team, Leader (Paul Goldstein) and a group of travellers that were as interesting as they were fun.
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Bay of Kotor
***** Written


Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina are stunning countries with plenty of history, lots to do and see, friendly people and beautiful outdoor landscapes. Make sure you can cope with the summer heat (the hat & gloves were misnomers in the trip notes) and be aware that the design of the trip does not lend itself to the most active of holidays - so the age group is likely to be an older profile (although the outdoor activities and opportunities in both countries are fab so Exodus are missing a trick here!).
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View from summit of Stok Kangri, India
***** Written


This trip far exceeded my expectations, an absolutely brilliant 16days! It was a challenge, but more than the physical aspect it was the mental challenge that suprised me... camping for this number of nights consecutively at such altitude was tough and when you feel tired sometimes it's difficult to get motivated for another 7 hours trekking. However, these moments were short-lived and faaaaaar outweighed by the positives.
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Makoros on the Okavango Delta, Botswana
***** Written


This holiday is an absolute 'must' for anybody who enjoys plenty of variety.  It really does offer something for everyone.  I would rank this as one of the best holidays I have had - and that is saying a lot!
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