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Number of Reviews: 161 Overall score: *****
Annarpuna sanctuary, stream and valley, Nepal
***** Written
Annapurna Sanctuary


Excellent trip. Delivered beyond my expectations. The scenery was amazing and the staff all very helpful and made trip really enjoyable. Definitely recommend this trip.
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***** Written


It is a real privilege to be able to live with the villagers in their huts and experience life as they know it. The people are truly delightful. The children are so, so keen to go to school and learn and they crowd round to help us with any tasks. In material terms they have so little but share everything and the contrast with life here in Western Europe is marked.
***** Written
Atlas Descent


Quite challenging but not so hard that you were in the back up car every day.  A really great trip for anyone who likes cycling and going off road - not so much of a holiday though, no rest day & no lie in's!! 
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Sunset at Baobab Alley
***** Written
Madagascan Discoverer

Too much time in transit

Veteran ecotourists will be disappointed.  Most of the time spent on this trip was in transit, and always on vehicles without air conditioning (in a hot climate).  The lack of government oversight has resulted in a degredation of the National Parks through neglect, slash and burn agriculture, and illegal logging.  The remaining slivers of protected areas are more like outdoor zoos rather than wild areas.  Many of the good photos you might see from this trip are taken from a captive reptile farm and a lemur sanctuary.  Most hotels lacked screens on the windows or air conditioning, which made for very uncomfortable sleeping.  There is very little walking on this trip.  The large group size (16) meant that only people in the front of the group were able to see birds and snakes before they departed.  The capital city is not safe day or night.  It is difficult and time consuming to obtain any money after leaving the airport, which did not always give correct amounts when changing money.  Since you must pay for all your own meals, this quickly became a problem for some of our group.   The guides were excellent on this trip, but it is sad the government of Madagascar is not adequately protecting the last remaining vestiges of natural habitat.  If you have been on prior wildlife viewing holidays you will be disappointed with this trip.  People with breathing problems such as asthma should never attempt this trip, as the slash and burn smoke sometimes does not abate for days.
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