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Number of Reviews: 17 Overall score: *****
***** Written

Simply The Best! This was the most brilliant trip I have ever done - a truly amazing experience in every respect. It far exceeded all expectations and my problem now is, how can I ever follow that?!

***** Written

In my view the holiday was very expensive with inadequate content. For over £1200.00 this 6 day holiday had only 4 days proper Via Ferrata which met the grading 'tough', and even then, I have had better trips.

***** Written

This holiday is well thought out in terms of the route and sights. In both countries I found the locals very polite, friendly and keen to help. There is a good contrast between the big cities (Aleppo and Damascus), the wide open spaces (eastern Syria) and historical highlights (Krak de Chevalier, Petra)

***** Written

A challenging but rewarding walk through stunning alpine scenery. Each day produces fantastic views and the long walk makes the beer at the end taste very good indeed.

***** Written

A mixture of delights (the scenery, companionship, and Krakow) and disappointments (the lack of evening options, oversize walking group, and unadventurous routes).

***** Written

This trip really exceeded my expectations - I was expecting long walking days and views over beautiful valleys to Mont Blanc, which I got, but I also got some amazing added extras. A lovely group, a great leader and some fantastic luck with the weather!


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