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Number of Reviews: 4 Overall score: *****
***** Written

Tuscany has long been renowned for being Italy’s most evocative destination for villa holidays and walking trips but doesn’t readily spring to mind for cycling holidays. As you probably know, at Exodus we like to dig a bit deeper and head off the beaten track rather than follow the herd. Garfagnana is a fine example of this; wild and rugged, devoid of mass tourism and perfect mountain biking territory.

***** Written

What a fantastic place.  We were very fortunate to have near perfect weather and loads of polar bear sightings of a very high quality allowing us to appreciate many aspects of polar bear life and behaviour, including some intimate and very gentle scenes between mother and cub that brought some close to tears.

***** Written

Way beyond my expectations. Dreams are made of this. I went thinking we may see polar bears but it was fab. We had 31 sightings (not 31 different bears) One day we had six or seven bears in sight. Mother with two cubs who walked across the ice towards the zodiacs and came very close. You could not repeat this trip or ever describe it to give it justice. 

***** Written

A brilliant holiday.  A time spent amidst a multicultural, friendly people.  Varied landscapes.  A holiday full of interesting places to see and things to do.  

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