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Number of Reviews: 27 Overall score: *****
***** Written

A fascinating country, a busy but perfect schedule to see the highlights. Good accommodation and a variety of activities.

***** Written

Friendly, honourable, welcoming people in a safe, vibrant, multi-layered country.  Souks, ruins, palaces, mosques, churches, deserts, sunsets - its all there.

***** Written

A trip of two halves - Syria was interesting and the sites were nice to see but the food was some of the worst I've ever had and also resulted in three quarters of the group having to spend a large amount of time on the toilet! Jordan's sites were great, we really enjoyed Petra and the Wadi Rum and the guide was much better too.

***** Written

I had a fabulous time on this trip.  It's graded as a B/C - the first three cycling days are more like grade C (largely off road, steep down hills) the reaming cycling days are easier.  We hired our bikes, local hire from Nepal, they were of really high quality and were well services along the way, by our amazing team who couldn't have done more to make our trip really special. It is true to say that close into the towns there is a lot of plastic along the sides of the road, but as soon as you get into the countryside that all goes away.  The trip is really varied, both in the great scenery and the activities, with the "rest days" being some of the busiest.  The mix of activities was great, especially if like me you're not a hardcore cyclist.

***** Written

This was an amazing trip - very varied, with lots of different activities and experiences. We could never have covered so much ground or experienced so much in the two weeks we were there if we had been travelling independently.

***** Written

A true discovery and delight.  It's difficult to get your head around just how those temples were constructed with such intricacy - and how they have stood the test of time and a war!!

Annapurna from Pokhara, Nepal
***** Written


This was an excellent well balanced holiday. After trekking in Annapurna, it was great to have time in Chitwan to relax and let your legs recover before tackling the Everest section of the trip.
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