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Number of Reviews: 27 Overall score: *****
***** Written

Fabulous people and mountains, wonderful guide.  Too much mud in the rainy season - I have never climbed to 4000m in wellies before!  Tents too basic to allow you to dry out overnight.  I think this would be absolutely brilliant when not quite as wet, and preferably when the accommodation has been upgraded.

***** Written

If you want a trip that is going to show you the highlights of Peru and you want a taste of the Inca Trail without the risk of spending 3+ days on it then go for this trip! The Amazon IS definitely worth going to. My only regret is not getting to see Colca Canyon.

***** Written

Before going I was apprehensive as to whether all that sand would make walking uncomfortable, and whether it being in everything you ate would spoil your experience. You did get an added grit to everything you ate or drank but you couldn't actually taste the sand. The bread made in the desert was gorgeous, I enjoyed the salads at lunch times and the soup and stews at dinner.Having come home to snow I can now say that walking in sand is far more preferable, and even the great banks of sand were easy to walk down, they acted like a lift and if you kick your feet up as you go you minimise the amount of sand that gets in your shoes. I also had longer trousers on which covered the tops of my shoes which helped keep the sand at bay. 

***** Written

A fantastic holiday, we had high expectations and these were certainly reached.  The views in the Annapurnas were simply amazing, unfortunately the cloud let us down in the Everest region, however what we did see was truly magnificent.  Chitwan was a rest, although we had expected to be actually in the National Park and were a little disapointed to discover that our hotel and all the activities we took part in were in the buffer zone.  That said we were very lucky to see a white rhino. 

Walker in Torres del Paine N.P, Patagonia, Chile
***** Written


A lot of travelling but you get to immerse yourself among beautiful scenery in diverse landscapes. Stunning volcanoes, incredible mountain peaks and glaciers, and stark desert landscapes will imprint indelibly your mind's eye.
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***** Written

I really enjoyed this Exodus trip and I was lucky enough to meet a fellow traveler from my last Exodus adventure in the Atlas Mountains. It was great to be away from the madness of the modern world and escape to the Sahara. 

***** Written

A real adventure.  Lots of variety and a truly amazing Nepalese guide:  knowledgable, enthusiastic and took care of us all.  

***** Written

for me mont blanc was originally an extra trip thrown in to get me to an altitude somewhere between the 3000m id been before & 5895m im going to hopefully get to when i attempt to summit mount kilimanjaro in feb 2011,most people have since told me blanc is far harder despite its lower 4808m turned out to be the toughest thing mentally & physically id attempted to date but noway was i going to quit,im a determind little sod ;o) its in the top 5 best things ive done so far in life....AMAZING EXPERIENCE.


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