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Number of Reviews: 4 Overall score: *****
Busan by night, image courtesy of KTO
***** Written


This was a great experience and the information provided by out guide Samart about his country was of great value in the overall enjoyment of our trip.
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***** Written

A wonderful trip that allowed the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts while trekking across the varied terrain of the beautiful desert. Serene, scenic and the great feeling of isolation only broken by the occasional reminder that we were just on the edge of the desert. Our group was mostly solo travelers (we were the only two traveling together in our group, I brought my teen daughter who loved the trip), which afforded all of us the ease of wandering alone or with others when desired. Choosing a trip like this really brings like-minded travelers together and there is an ease within the group.

***** Written

An excellent introduction to the desert for the novice, a more-or-less gentle stroll for the desert addict. This part of the Sahara is scenic rather than dramatic, but the view over the dunes of the Grand Erg Oriental is a classic 'Hollywood' desert image. You will experience the silence and isolation of the desert (and the night-time stars of course) even though human habitation is never too far away. Mostly though you will be alone, just the group and the guides and the camels, and that's the whole point of the trip.  

***** Written

An excellent time.  Dave from Kas was brilliant, his passion and enthiusiasm for Turkey, its history, the people and the food made this a holiday I will remember for the rest of my life.  The group gelled, we walked, ate, drank and laughed together, quality!  The pace was just right,  we did lots, walks, boat trips, snorkelling, bbq fish on boats, without feeling rushed,...I have stayed in chill mode for a full 2 weeks since getting back and I'm trying to stay there as long as possible.

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