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Number of Reviews: 4 Overall score: *****
***** Written

Great holiday. Really nice people and leader (Ramy) - a great mix of sight-seeing, local experiences in the markets and eating out, but with some time to relax by the pool squeezed into the late afternoons.

***** Written

Hard work but great. Stunning countryside, great food, but those hills.

***** Written

Absolutely fascinating country. Un-blighted by commercialism it made for a hassle free trip (Compared to places I've been in Egypt). The Libyan's were genuinely friendly and really welcoming.  In Tripoli it felt very safe. The ancient cities were fantastic to explore, seeing amazing mosaics in situ. It's tragic they're struggling to fund and maintain them. Go see them now before they get broken up and lost for ever or before they get too popular and spoiled!

***** Written

I really enjoyed this trip. Wildlife safaris can quickly descend into "oh look another thousand wildebeest" but this trip combines wildlife with a range of activities that ensure you have very little time to get bored. Zambia is a nice country that hasn't (yet) been spoiled by tourism so its people are genuinely warm and friendly.

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