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Number of Reviews: 51 Overall score: *****
***** Written

A fascinating area which we comprehensively visited on this packed itinerary. Despite the opportunity to visit so many interesting sites, I believe this trip involved far too much time on the coach versus the opportunity to absorb the sights and sounds of Rajastan.

***** Written

the cortijio rosario was excellent like being at home,the staff very good,food excellent.

Trekking staff beneath Ama Dablam, Khumbu, Nepal
***** Written


We have been to Annapurna  area before so we know we love Nepal. This area was in the Everest region so I expected it to be different. The people are inspiring and are kind and giving.
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***** Written

very well organised - Ibrahim was a star! Super group of people

***** Written

An Explore group were on the same flights and stayed at the same place as us. Their group had half the number of the Exodus group but they had a dedicated rep, had regular meet ups and had pre-published details on the notice board. I felt the much larger Exodus group were basically dumped on the doorstep and left to get on with it. Having a rep would have enhanced this holiday considerably. I chose to travel with Exodus because I like meeting other people in the group, yet it was hard to know who was actually in our group without any meetups arranged (which could have been organised without a rep). Fortunately, on this occasion, I was travelling with my boyfriend. Had I been travelling solo, I would have enjoyed the break much less.

***** Written

A really enjoyable way to spend New Year.  The area was beautiful and Orcas much more abundant than I expected.

***** Written

A wonderful way to spend new year. The tourist centre is situated within the arctic circle so the scenery is stunning (as long as you have a thing for snow capped mountains and lakes)We were lucky to have beautiful (albeit cold!) weather, see whales both days, and even have the northern lights come out to play on new years eve.The lack of a tour leader means we didnt really connect with others on the trip - however as most people were already travelling as part of a group it didnt matter, and the tourist centre has everything arranged in terms of activities.The downside was the long travelling - but the upside was the awesome scenery, seeing the whales at such close range, and of course how could I not mention the nightly whale ceremony:) 

***** Written

Very pleasant trip, good walks, appropriate for the grade, fascinating archeological sights.  Downside was the leader took us to the most expensive restaurants as we discovered when we went out on our own and found equally good food at half the price. Hotel was crap, freezing and unwelcoming.


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