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Number of Reviews: 51 Overall score: *****
***** Written

Very good stroll through desert scenery - scrub-land and small to medium dunes.  Not strenous walking - flat, easy conditions under foot and no great length each day.  Really feel away from home & office.

***** Written

A great trip.  No leader - but not needed.  Organisationally we were steered in the right directions in a very un-pushy way and everything was really relaxed.  Comfortable.

***** Written

Bit like Russian Roulette this one, expensive and the possibility of seeing nothing.  We got no Northern Lights - boo - but really close snorkelling with the orcas on the second day after a long long search for them - hurrah.

***** Written

The holiday was well thought out and the Slovenian leaders and hotel staff were excellent. Despite snow everywhere else in Europe it was limited at this time in Slovenia. The two leaders made every effort to take us out and find routes and the last day was spectacular. We had lunch in mountain huts and homemade soup and strudel was much appreciated. The hotel was excellent and they made a real effort to cater for non meat eaters.

***** Written

good snow, good hotel, good food, good low level (pretty flat) snow shoeing.  It was a bonus to discover Norway has banned smoking indoors but the average guest age in the hotel must have been 70+ !

***** Written

Magical!! Everything I expected and more. Probably not quite long enough - an extra couple of days in Churchill would have been good. Travel plans need a little more thought - see below.

Exodus group at Rondablikk, Norway
***** Written


Cross country skiing holiday in Rondablik exceded all our expectations. We loved it. We had travelled to Norway several times during the summer but had never seen the country in winter or tried skiing for that matter. We were already sold on the magnificence of Norway. Seeing it in winter was truly special for us.The ambience in the hotel was marvelous and the food was plentiful. Considering that Norway can be very expensive , the trip overall was excellent value.
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***** Written

Perfect itinerary, handled by 2 very good leaders which made it all very smooth and enjoyable.Not as basic as expected


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