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Number of Reviews: 3 Overall score: *****
Lake Garda, Italy
Review posted by Isa Eyre
***** Written

walking trails of lake garda

Being a small group of seven, we bonded very well, perhaps it was the fact that our group-leader was so amiable and gave every one choices,we were treated as individuals.
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Lake Garda, Italy
Review posted by Anonymous
***** Written


It did what it said in the trip notes, leisurely walking by Lake Garda. We went to places that we could never have found by ourselves so it was well worth going with an experienced group leader. The hotel was just 3 star and like many could do with sprucing up but it had two great things going for it, the food was excellent and the young brothers running the place are really helpful and just nice people plus the draft beer was good. The hotel is one mile from the lake but a fit person can get from the lake to the hotel in 13 minutes.
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