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Number of Reviews: 6 Overall score: *****
Review posted by Stephen O'Sullivan
***** Written

A whistle stop tour of Albania starting in Tirana travelling south to Butrint and back up the coast before flying back. This is a fairly busy schedule with a fair amount of travelling around central and southern Albania. Having said that the longest day was the best in terms of scenery.

Review posted by Paul Richards
***** Written

Brilliant tour, which ticked all the boxes - picturesque and really interesting. Albanian is really diverse with great archaeology, rugged mountains, beautiful coast, a fascinating history, great food and friendly people.

Review posted by Donna Moore
***** Written

A tour of some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of Albania. A country which is a melting pot of different influences while remaining distinctly Albanian. A mixture of fascinating archaeology, stunning scenery, meeting the local people and learning about their culture and customs. We left wanting to return to see more.

Review posted by Else McMichael
***** Written

We loved all of this trip. The scenery, the people and the food, as well as the historical parts. It was a country I knew so little about and was a little apprehensive about do to its reputation of being a 'bad land' In fact it was amazing .We felt very safe and found the people most hospitable and the roads although very windy had as a whole very good surfaces

***** Written

A facinating country of friendly, aparently hardworking people, emerging from a difficult and troubled past. The countryside is beautiful and some of the old towns facinating.

***** Written

A 10 day trip travelling south in land and returning north along the coast.  This was a holiday with a different hotel every night therefore distances were quite high.  All but one of the hotels provided free wifi, which I thought was amazing.  The tour gave a good insight into the country and although the country has made tremendous strides in the last fifteen years there were still glimpses of former attitudes partcilarly when service was less than perfect. The weather through the ten days was superb - there was one shower of rain, if you blinked you missed it. Food was very good and instances of poor health was minimal. Albania is in initial stages of developing tourism for commercially there is very little to buy, therefore expenditure was roughly $20 a day and that was on food and drink. A thoroughly good trip

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