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Amazon Rainforest, Puerto Maldonado, Tambopata Reserve
***** Written
Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest, Inca Trail and Lake Titicaca

This was my first trip with Exodus and my expectations of having a memorable holiday experience were well and truly exceeded. The holiday has 3 distinct phases, starting with the rainforest trip. My friend and I flew a day earlier than the main group flight so we stayed an extra night in Lima which helped to orientate us to the time difference. The standard of hotel accommodation was generally excellent once you got the hang of not putting loo paper down the toilet. The jungle experience was amazing, but don’t expect to see wildlife as close up or as abundant as in TV wildlife documentaries. The weather can be ‘unpredictable’ throughout Peru, and our days in the Jungle were cooler than usual at this time of year. The second part of the holiday was the 4 day Inca trail finishing at Machu Picchu, and the part I most loved, despite the necessary evil of the ‘toilet tent’ and thousands to steps to climb up or down. The scenery and plant life throughout the trek were truly awesome, especially on days 3 and 4 as the terrain became more tropical. The food on the trek was fantastic; delicious 3 course lunches and dinners were prepared for us each day by our chef and his assistants; indeed the food throughout the holiday was really healthy and varied – if a tad rice heavy. The final part of the holiday was the boat trip to an island homestay on Lake Titicaca. The journey there was wonderful as the weather was amazing and we could sit at the back of the boat and enjoy the fabulous scenery. The only part of the lake trip I wasn’t as enthusiastic about was the visit to the artificial reed islands inhabited by the Uros people. I found it difficult to comprehend that people could live in such primitive conditions and had the sneaky feeling they probably sailed back to Puno at night. The generosity and kindness of all the people we encountered in Peru was incredible. Life is very hard for many Peruvians but everyone we met seemed joyful and content. Even the babies were happy and incredibly cute. Overall a truly memorable holiday experience.
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