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Cross-country skiing in Trins, Austria
Review posted by Emil Natan
***** Written

my first cross-country ski trip

For me and my wife it was our first experience in cross-country skiing. Currently living in Israel we do not have recent experience with any winter sports, so for us it was completely new territory. The Exodus Israeli representative helped us organize the trip including the flight tickets and insurance. We flew through Munich, then traveled by train to Innsbruck (1:40) where we met the group leader and the other members of the group. Apart from me and my wife, the rest members of the group were single, but it worked well for all of us. I saw reviews were people complain that the village of Trins is small and it does not provide any attractions, but we did not feel as missing anything. The daily schedule included breakfast at 7:30 - 8:30, depending on where we were going to ski, then a short travel, ski session, coffee break, more skiing, lunch, then skiing again and we were usually back at the hotel at around 4:30-5pm for a tea session. Later we had some free time and then meeting again at the hotel restaurant at around 7pm for a drink and then dinner and e were staying together till 10pm, sometimes even later. It never felt like we were missing something.
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