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Aerial view of Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka
Review posted by Anne Macrae
***** Written

Discovering Sri Lanka was a Joy.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time from start to finish and would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to see and experience Sri Lanka. The people were warm and welcoming and we were often to hear children call out ' hello, how are you ?' along the way when cycling or rafting. I think it must be the first phrase taught in school. Great variety of country and activities covered. Bus journeys passed by quickly with plenty rest stops for refreshments. We were looked after by the bus driver, helper and guide Roshan who would start the journey each morning giving a clear, helpful ,informative explanation of the day's activities and local customs. We travelled in February and had good weather except for one afternoon when torrential rain came down just as we were on the Elephant Safari. Lots of crazy careering about in jeeps and soaked as we had the roof open ( watch your cameras & phones stay dry ) but had a great if bumpy time. Was rewarding to see the elephants enjoying playing in the rain in the freedom of a natural habitat.
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