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Clients cycling past wild elephant, Bandipur N.P, India
Review posted by Suzanne Kaller
***** Written

My Worst Cycling Holiday!

A year and a half ago, I took a cycling tour in Kerala with Exodus. It was absolutely awful. The accommodations were poor, the route was poorly planned, roads were dangerous (poor conditions or lots of crazy traffic) and the majority of the participants became ill from the food. I noticed that the guides would use old-fashioned pedals while riding through town centers and would change to clip-less pedals where it was more safe. Why weren't we warned? In sharp contrast, I had biked in Costa Rica with Exodus with Kevin Hill. His tours are very carefully planned and organized. The hotels are perfect. His routes reflect his attention to details and desire that the participants see the best of Costa Rica. As a result of my negative experience in Kerala, I will never trust Exodus again! It's a shame.
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