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Cross-country skiing at Espedalen, Norway
Review posted by John Moore
***** Written

Espedalen Cross Country Skiing 1st to 8 8th March 2015

The first two days of the trip had the best skiing I have ever enjoyed anywhere. This was helped by the metal edges on the cross country hire skis I was given. My rooms were spacious and comfortable and had controllable heating unlike so many places I have stayed with Waymark and Exodus in the past. The large bathroom had underfloor heating which was excellent for drying clothes. The cold water supply was from a mountain stream, so the tap water tasted better than all water form the tap at my home and better than most bottled water. The Thai food cooked by our hostess Surina was outstanding, better than most Thai restaurants. She and her assistant also did very well to cater for the diverse requirements of her guests some of whom required gluten free, some no fish, and some were vegetarians. Stefan was an exceptional host, helping to cut tracks for skiing, and on Wednesday 4th driving an hour to Lillehammer and back on the same day twice, to visit the hospital with injured skiers. The second time he waited with me while I was being treated, helping to keep my morale up by listening to my rambling conversation, while I was under the influence of first shock, and then hospital administered morphine.
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