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A Home from Home Title

Where you stay is probably one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a holiday, and with Exodus you can experience a whole variety of accommodation. On many trips, we use hotels throughout – usually small locally-owned properties with facilities ranging from the fairly basic to the luxurious – but we also offer some more interesting and unusual places to spend the night. Here, we look at some of these options, with first-hand descriptions from our staff to help you choose the trip and accommodation that’s right for you.Whether you are a peak bagger or prefer a more leisurely pace, Exodus has the perfect walking or trekking holiday to help you reach your peak in 2011. On each trek our expert leaders will be with you every step of the way so you don’t need to worry about finding the right route or getting lost. And if you are aiming to reach a major summit, your chances are greatly improved by the support you’ll get from our trekking teams and your fellow walkers. We have a superb range of trips to choose from; step out with us in 2011 and see the best of the world on foot.

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Full-Service camping titleParticipatory Camping titleFull-Service Camping
Participatory Camping

Many of our trekking holidays involve an element of camping – a great way to truly appreciate the areas we walk through. With full-service camping all the hard work is done by someone else.

Web Sales Team Leader, Olly Leicester, got pampered in Peru:

“On the Inca Trail the team of porters will do almost everything for you, apart from carrying you over Dead Woman’s Pass! When you arrive into camp, all the tents are ready to use and the food preparation and washing up also taken care of. You’ll even get a cup of tea brought to your tent in the morning, and the porters will pack everything up ready for the next camp. All you have to worry about is getting yourself to the Sun Gate for the view of Machu Picchu".


On most of our overland truck trips in Sub-Saharan Africa camping is participatory, but life under canvas doesn’t mean you will spend your holiday working.

Product Executive, Sarah Ahern, tells us about life under canvas in the heart of Africa:

“Having a self-contained vehicle with a full set of camping equipment meant we could stop wherever we wanted for the night, in places where there was literally no-one and nothing else around for miles. We had to put up and take down our tents (three-man domes shared between two people) - this asy process only took 5-10 minutes. We also ran a cleaning rota so every few days we swept out the truck and washed up after meals - a small price to pay for a true wilderness experience!”.

Tented Camp titleAgriturisimo title Tented CampAgriturisimo

Tented camps are ideal if you want the comforts of a hotel combined with staying in harmony with nature in the heart of a game reserve.

Product Executive, Daniela Pontis, stayed at Basecamp, our fantastic Masai Mara camp:

“As I sipped my morning coffee on my tent’s private veranda, I looked out over the savannah and the Talek River in search of animals. It was an incredibly inspiring moment - no wonder that this is where Barack Obama decided to stay when he visited the Masai Mara in 2006! I was also amazed to learn that the wastewater from the showers and sinks in our tents was recycled to nurture the lush vegetation.”



On several of our trips to Italy, we base ourselves in “agriturismos”, traditional farmhouses which combine a hearty Italian welcome with excellent food.

Product Manager, Amanda Ceraolo, stayed at Braccicorti, in the heart of Tuscany:

“Staying in Braccicorti is a truly Tuscan experience, with home cooked food each evening and a real family atmosphere in the comfortable lounge. This agriturismo helped me understand the farm holiday concept - by eating apples from the surrounding orchard and walking straight from the door into the fields above in search of mushrooms or chestnuts, I felt completely immersed in the locals’ agricultural life that I craved to take back home.”


Rainforest Lodge titleSleeper Train title Rainforest LodgeSleeper Train

Rainforests are tough environments but the rewards of visiting them far outweigh the hardships, and by choosing a good lodge, you can still explore the dense forests in relative comfort.

Product Executive, Nick Nikolsky, got closer to nature at Borneo’s Danum Valley Lodge:

“It wasn’t the en-suite bathrooms, hot showers and spacious veranda/dining area with delicious food and wellstocked bar that made my stay here special, it was the wildlife, pure and simple. Where else can you see 3 wild orang-utans eating their lunch in pristine jungle just a short walk away from our room, or spot an infinite variety of birds from the 300m long canopy walkway?”.


We use sleeper trains extensively in India, China, Egypt and Southeast Asia – they offer a unique opportunity to mix with the local people while providing a comfortable means of getting from A to B.

Web Sales Executive, Diane Knight, travelled on the rails in China:

“I really enjoyed the sleeper trains in China. Four of us shared a 4-bunk compartment which doubled up as a seating area during the day – it had a lockable door and plenty of room to store luggage. Hot water was available all day and there were separate toilets and sinks on each train carriage. On long journeys we passed the time reading, chatting, playing games and drinking the local beer. Travelling this way gave me a better understanding of the Chinese culture and the lives of the people I met on the train.”

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