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Languages Holiday

  • Piazza Riomaggiore

We encourage all Exodus travellers to learn a few words of the local lingo. It's amazing what difference a few words can make to breaking down the barriers and enriching the experience for everyone. Along with the Exodus leader, who will accompany groups throughout the week, our teachers will provide basic language skills in three short sessions to help you feel like a local in no time. A few key phrases will make all the difference when you are trying to communicate with the locals and understand their culture.


On the Spanish Language Week, (see special departures of ADH and TSQ), our Spanish teacher has lived in the area for many years and leads three lessons to learn the basics. There are many opportunities over the week to practice your Spanish vocabulary either in local restaurants and villages or during each day's activity.

On the Italian Walk & Talk week (see ADT), our Italian teacher runs the agriturismo with her family and will offer three lessons over the week. After teaching all necessary Italian hand signals, other much needed information like how to order food or buy a ticket at the station will be passed on too. The first word to learn must be 'ancora' (more), Mamma's favourite word to hear when serving her delicious home-made food. 

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