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Arctic Scandinavia Winter Holidays

There is nothing quite like winter inside the Arctic Circle where the air is clean, crisp and the magical landscape of frozen lakes, Northern Lights and snow-laden trees is almost dreamlike. Home to the hardy Sami people, lots of reindeer and using snowshoeing and dogsledding as once an essential way of travel, this area offers a truly incredible range of winter activities that make for a unique holiday experience.

Northern Lights

The breathtaking Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are regularly seen from November to late April on clear nights in latitudes close to the Arctic Circle.

Temperatures & daylight hours

Above the Arctic Circle from December to mid-January the sun remains just below the horizon during the day, but it is not dark as there is plenty of light reflected off the snow. The days lengthen quickly and by April there are more daylight hours than in the UK. Temperatures range from -30°C to +5°C with Christmas normally being the coldest and April is higher (around -10°C to +5°C). It is a dry cold, and when dressed correctly -20°C can actually feel very pleasant. So travel with Exodus and all your equipment and arctic clothing is included on most trips!


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