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Your Opinion Counts

We realise we can’t run our holidays without your help. It's only through your feedback, comments, praise (and occasional rants!) that we can really get to the bottom of what the difference is between the ‘trip of a life-time’ and a ‘rather nice holiday’.

Here are key ways that we encourage you to offer comments on feedback about your holiday experience.

Tell your leader about it

If there is anything you particularly like or dislike about the holiday, please tell your leader, there is no better way to ensure future clients benefit from your thoughts. Even more importantly, if there is something bothering you, your leader can only change it if you tell them about it.

Holiday Evaluation Forms

We have gone digital with our holiday feedback. While paper forms had a certain immediacy, not only was it a heavy use of paper, but they were time-consuming to administer, and occasionally difficult to read. So instead of being handed a questionnaire at the end of the trip, you will now be emailed a Holiday Evaluation Form a couple of days before you return.

Please take the time to fill it in, it will only take 5 minutes of your time, and the feedback is really useful for us here at the office, and for our overseas leaders and staff.

To encourage you to fill one in, we are offering a generous prize draw EVERY MONTH.
All completed forms will have the chance to win £500 of Exodus vouchers.

So how are we doing?

October 2014 statistics

97.3% of customers said they would recommend Exodus to friends.

94% of customers said their holiday met or exceeded their expectations.

96% of customers said their leader was excellent or good.

The latest winners are:

October - Alexander Marianski from London
September - Alison Carr from Dundee
August - Anthony Starkie from Wolverhampton
July – Ann Wallace, Swindon
June –Ben Jeffery, Cheltenham
May – Janet Randle, Milton Keynes
April – Paul Adams, Emsworth, Hampshire
March – Amanda Scarborough, Chatham, Kent
February - Alison Whyte, Dalkeith, Midlothian
January - Michael Hoath, Essex

December - Suzanne Ager, Surrey
November - Chloe Ponsonby, London
October - Giada Piccini, London
September - Nora Saunders, Hertfordshire
August – Jonathan Lawson, Beaconsfield
July – Catherine Bousfield, London
June – Michael Dean, Mold, Wales
May – Andrew Cossar, London
April – Andrew Warboys, Barnstaple
March – Rhodri Bevan, Swansea
February - Lynne Harris from Merseyside
January - Susan James from The Wirral

December - Miranda Wheatley from Suffolk
November - David Parrish from North Yorkshire
October - Andrew Chandler from London
September - Andrew Cork from Berkshire
August - Emily Renier from Hertfordshire
July - Emily Thompson from West Yorkshire
June - Gemme Hersh from Middlesex
May - Michael Darby from Windsor
April - Janine La Rosa from London
March - Helen Stockham from Cambridgeshire
February - David Cooke from Eastbourne
January - John Dansey from London

If you have booked through an agent, or have chosen not to give your email address to us, we won't have a record of it, so we won't be able to send you a form. To request a form, please email your name, trip code and departure date to:, and we will send you a form within 24 hours.

Holiday reviews

A few weeks after your return, you will also hear from us asking you to post a review of your holiday on our website. This review is different to the Holiday Evaluation Form in that it is your opportunity to share your views with other customers to help them choose the most suitable holiday for them.

We do not edit any reviews
We do not alter any of your reviews and we also intend to publish all reviews except in certain extreme cases. Reviews will only be published that have been written by Exodus travellers. Although we are not able to reply to comments received via this form - we promise we read all of the messages and will make improvements where necessary. If you do want a response to your comment pleased contact the Customer Services team separately. Exodus may quote part or all of your review on printed promotional literature e.g. brochures or newsletters. Any such quotes will be credited to the author.

Click here to visit our Reviews page

To see examples of holiday reviews on our website take a look at the following trips:
Lycian Activity Week
Petra & Wadi Rum Trek
Big Cat Safari Family Holiday

Contacting Customer Services

If you would like to make a specific point, and would like a personalised response, we ask you not to use the Holiday Evaluation Forms, or the website reviews, please contact our customer services team, who will be very happy to look into you question or complaint. You can contact our team direct on

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