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Exodus Travels Press Release page

40 years leading the way in adventure travelSince we started operating overland tours in 1974 (we'll be 40 in 2014!), our adventurous spirit has kept us on the lookout for fresh itineraries and off-the-beaten-track destinations.

Map of the worldWe now run over 500 different itineraries in 90 countries travelling to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas, Oceania and both Polar regions. Specialists in adventure, walking & trekking, cycling, wildlife holidays and winter activities, Exodus offer the option to travel in a small group with like-minded people, or, on selected departures dates, on an Independent Trip with a couple of friends. For families, we offer 40 different active and adventurous trips that all the family can enjoy together, making it simple to share new experiences.

Exodus insists on low impact tourism and increasingly looks to bring benefit to local communities. In recognition of this, Exodus was awarded the coveted title of 'Most Environmentally Responsible Travel Company' at the British Travel Awards 2006.

Visit our Awards page to view our achievements.

Exodus Overland 1975 on YouTube BBC 1975 Documentary

We have found this amazing footage, a BBC documentary, on YouTube covering an Exodus Overland trip from the UK to Nepal in 1975.

Early days in Adventure Travel

Who's Who in Overland, an article written about Exodus in the early 70s, covering India and the two founders of our company. The article explains the pioneering days of adventure travel and the forming of Exodus as a company as well.

Below are some of our past brochures from 1987 (Overland Expeditions), 1993 (Walking Explorer Holidays), 1995 (Discovery Holidays) and 2000 (Worldwide Adventure Holidays).

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