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It goes without saying that our Sales Team have roamed the far reaches of the globe. They love talking about travel and we hope they can be a source of inspiration when it come to planning your next holiday.


Alistair, Exodus Walking & Trekking and Winter Activities ExpertHaving negotiated the KKH from Kashgar into Pakistan south through the Indus Valley the opportunity to drop in on the 3rd Foot & Mouth Regiment (the staunch defenders of the Khyber Pass - The Devils in Skirts as they became known) was too good an opportunity to miss. So in the company of our armed guard (Bungdit Din a direct descendent of the Karsi of Kalabar as it turned out) we negotiated the legendary, hairpin heavy Khyber Pass from Peshawar all the way to the Afghan border (next stop Kabul), where we enjoyed a cup of Chai with the border guards who were taking time out from keeping the Mudjahadeen at bay... without doubt a unique experience.

Ali is part of our Walking & Trekking and Winter Activities Teams


Andrea, Exodus Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure ExpertI think writing a list of places I don't want to visit will be easier that listing the ones I want to visit. Travel is my drug and I don't want to quit. A self confessed scenery junkie I can't help looking out of the window at everything from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan to the lakes of Macedonia to the jungles of Mexico to the 49 bus across Battersea bridge. Even after 1 and a half years leading in South East Asia the sight of rice padding fields and temples still takes my breath away. Getting up at 4am to see sunrise at Angkor Wat 24 times is still a thrill.  I love chilling out in out of the way places with the locals trying to avoid eating weird food, so far managed only a tarantula leg. Still three quarters of the world left to see next stop Africa.

Andrea is part of our Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure Team


Andrew, Exodus International Sales Manager Before getting into the 'World of Adventure Travel' I was a professional archaeologist working freelance in the Middle East namely Beirut, Israel, Syria and the United Arab Emirates and then I headed back to the relative safety of South London and have been at Exodus for the last 8 years. I have been fortunate to lead Exodus trips climbing Kilimanjaro 4 times in the last 5 years on our Christmas departure and this also allows me to pursue my other passion which is wildlife and photography. It does not get much better than sitting in the Serengeti on Christmas Day and taking a game drive to the airport before heading to the spice Island of Zanzibar for some well earned R & R. As well as climbing Kili, I have trekked in Nepal and the Alps with the Mont Blanc circuit being one of my all time favourite European walks. When not trekking I have been known to jump on a bike and cycle across Jordan and Morocco.

Andrew is part of our Agency Sales and Private/Special Group Sales Teams


Ben, Sales & Marketing Director and family. Family Adventures ExpertMy wife and I have travelled the world and have wanderlust in our blood. We’ve walked The Inca Trail, worked in Africa, explored Cuba, backpacked around India etc… These days I spend a little more time in the office and we have two ankle biters in tow. We're just starting to share the joys of travel with our kids. Our recent holidays have been to Morocco and Northern Tuscany - we were all left grinning from ear to ear! Hopefully you'll feel inspired to join us on a great holiday with your own tribe.


Ben is part of our Family Adventure Team


Beth After an amazing year backpacking in Australia I decided that travel was the industry for me. 6 years later and many trips under my belt, I really enjoy what I do for a living and I'm still addicted to travel.
Although I love London it's great to get out of the city and explore exciting and inspiring new places. From snorkelling with sharks off a lazy island in Belize to a sunset bike ride in Sri Lanka, standing at the top of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales to visiting the ancient temples of Cambodia. For me travel is all about experience and creating life long memories.

I have a few trips planned already this year and can't wait to try some snow shoeing in beautiful Norway, I am definitely up for trekking in Nepal and also have Kilimanjaro on the list. Too many places ... too little time, but planning where to go next is half the fun.

Beth is part of our Walking & Trekking Team


Brendan, Exodus Walking & Trekking ExpertIt was Nepal that first whetted my appetite for the mountains and trekking. We spent a couple of weeks walking through rhododendron forests in full bloom, friendly faces waving at us from orchards full of fruit, as 8000m peaks loomed around us. Since then, the variety of scenery and people I've been lucky enough to encounter has amazed and thrilled me. Growing up in a pretty flat part of Ireland wasn't the most obvious starting point for a love of the mountains and walking, but it's something which has been with me since I joined Exodus in 2003, and continues to grow. Trekking gives you the opportunity to really get off the beaten track and see things that you just can't get to from an air conditioned van. There's no other way I would have seen the hidden valleys of the Simien mountains in Ethiopia, or explored the strange lost world on the summit of Venezuela's tepui's. Memories of afternoon tea in the old hill station of Darjeeling in India, watching a solar powered TV with the Karen people deep in Thailand's Golden Triangle, or sipping Limoncello cocktails in Sorrento on Italy's Amalfi coast are all inextricably linked to trekking, simply because we had to walk to get there!

Brendan is part of our Walking & Trekking Team


Carl, Exodus Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure ExpertAfter numerous adventures and plenty of excitement across the world, it's been the Middle East, and more recently Central Asia that I've been most drawn to. Following the trails blazed many years ago by the likes of Thesiger, Burton and Burnes I've covered most of the region, or at least those areas that don't require you to convert or enlist. The hospitality and warmth of the people is second to none and I've always been made to feel like a guest rather than just a visitor. International trade may no longer take The Silk Road to Europe but tucked away in the old cities that lined the route there's still plenty of the magic and romance of the Orient to explore.

Carl is part of our Polar Team


Catriona, Exodus Family Adventures Expert TeamTravel has always fascinated me and has been a big part of my life from an early age. Too many experiences to mention (some good and some bad!) but my personal highlights would have to be a microlight flight over Victoria Falls, drinking manioc with an Amazonian tribe in Ecuador and sea kayaking in the Kenai Fjords. Of all the places I have been to my favourite destination is the US for its variety of landscapes and activities, in particular Alaska - vast open spaces, mountains, amazing wildlife and fresh air. It doesn't get any better than that. My best travel advice would be always take a towel and watch out for Greek taxi drivers!

Cat is part of our Family Adventures and Polar Teams


Dan, Exodus Cycling ExpertHaving tired of running a City wine bar (long hours with yuppies quaffing too much bubbly, no doubt on expenses) I ran away to do a season skiing in the French Alps. Armed with a pocketful of cash I then backpacked for a year starting in Mexico, then heading through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Brazil. I came out (not literally, I've got twins on the way) the other side in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia amongst others. Back home and broke - Exodus were foolish enough to take me on in Sales and its been a wonderful (and quick) 8 years. My fave type of trips are cycling and wildlife encounters, highlights being Cycling in Nicaragua and South Africa,gorilla watching in Uganda and the migration in the Mara. I also have the privelege of taking our loyal band of travel agents on tour… next up - Iceland in September!

Dan is part of our Agency Sales and Private/Special Group Sales Teams


David, Exodus Walking & Trekking and Winter Activities ExpertI'd rather be up the side of a mountain somewhere than at the office in Balham. I've worked in travel since 1998 but it's been the last 3 years at Exodus that have given me the chance to rise to the challenge and push myself onto higher and harder treks. I've trekked to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal, stood at the top of Kili despite the exhaustion and clung to the dramatic peaks of the Dolomites with only a sound grip, steady foothold and a carabena as a novice at Via Ferrata. I enjoy the satisfaction of peak bagging and rewarding yourself with that cool drink, or exotic meal or even being bent back into shape in a hamman in the alleys of Marrakech is the perfect end to any trekking achievement.

Dave is part of our Walking & Trekking and Winter Activities Teams


Diane, Exodus Family Adventures ExpertAdventure travel can take many forms. While you may not see me climbing Kili or attempting to cycle from Lhasa to Kathmandu I like to get off the beaten track, get under the skin of whatever country I'm in and see what makes it tick. Whether that's watching the sun set over Luang Prabang, set deep in the jungles of Laos, or munching home made Turkish pancakes in the fishing village of Gocek on the Turquoise Coast, or exploring the mysterious Temple of the Tooth in the Sri Lankan highlands - the tastes, sounds and smells of a country are what excite me the most. South East Asia is where my passion lies. The delicious food, hospitality and warmth of the people, and the cultural experience you receive in this amazing part of the world will always stay with you.

Diane is part of our Family Adventures Team


Ian, Exodus Cycling ExpertI discovered my passion for travel in my mid twenties when I took a year out and went to Australia to find out what everyone else my age was raving about! After a fantastic year away I enrolled on a travel course at a college in Brighton and six months later I had my first job within the travel industry. That was 7 years ago and I haven't looked back since! I have worked for Adventure Tour Operators, and have enjoyed the variety of trips that we offer as there is always something new to learn and discover about the world. I am one of the Cycling experts and have travelled on numerous cycling trips. I also enjoy downhill skiing and try to fit in at least one trip a year. My favourite country has to be Turkey, which I have visited numerous times, followed a close second by Croatia. Trips that I have planned for the future include Costa Rica, Gozo and India. So many places to go and never enough time!

Ian is part of our Cycling Team


Kai, Exodus Cycling ExpertI have been at Exodus for over 11 years now, and have travelled extensively in that time. Despite my Scandinavian roots, my favourite part of the world is South East Asia. Having travelled throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Vietnam already, I plan to visit Sri Lanka later in the year (Cycling the Backroads), with Japan to follow in the near future. My introduction to the region came as recently as 2005, on an Exodus tour to Thailand, and I haven't stopped returning since (having a Malaysian wife who speaks Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin certainly helps too!). The warm weather, welcoming people, unusual food (I've tried everything from beetles to chicken feet - but I do prefer a nice Thai yellow curry given the choice) and rich mix of cultures in the region make it my first choice everytime.

Kai is part of our Cycling Team


Lucy, Exodus Polar ExpertHaving grown up in Mexico, visited over 75 countries, spent a year in Asia and set foot on all 7 continents my passion for travel is greater than ever, except that having recently had two small children getting away from it all has proved a little harder! However, as soon as the children are old enough we will be buying them backpacks and setting off hoping they will share our enthusiasm for travel. My two year old is already into curries and samosas so I guess that is a good start! A few of my favourite places are Antarctica for pristine wilderness and amazing wildlife, France for fantastic food and wine, the Maldives for unspoilt beaches and that chill out factor and finally for scenery, culture and mosques it's a tough one between Iran and Uzbekistan.

Lucy is part of our Polar Team


Lyndal, Exodus Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure ExpertI have worked in the travel industry for almost 14 years now. It's taken me to six continents and many countries around the globe, but I have to say that Africa is the place that's most captured my soul. I have travelled overland truck style across 26 countries, from Timbuktu to the famous game parks & plains in the east. I've been face to face with a silverback gorilla, trekked through the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, paddled a mokoro through the backwaters of the Okavango Delta, climbed the dunes for sunrise in the Namib Desert, and relaxed on the beaches of Zanzibar and South Africa. I haven't attempted Kilimanjaro yet, but you never know!

Lyndal is part of our Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure Team


Matteo, Exodus Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure ExpertTravelling has been a part of my life since day one (or I should say day 15).  When I was two weeks old, my parents took me to the Agriates desert in Corsica and I never looked back.

I grew up in Tuscany between olive groves and vineyards and I then moved to Ireland (where my mother is from) where I discovered that yeast and malt can also be quite useful!  Language studies were the main focus at school and they allowed me to gain an insight into various cultures in the countries that I have visited. Some of the highlights of my travels would be: Canyoning and rock-climbing in Picos de Europa, swimming with wild dolphins and skydiving in New Zealand, scuba diving in Honduras, train spotting in Cuba (as in trying to spot the train that has been delayed by five hours) , meeting my wife in a pub in Dublin and savouring the best of the culinary delights in every country I have visited.

My favourite place, so far, is probably Guatemala and my favourite cuisine (beside the obvious) is any stall on the side of the road in Thailand

Matteo is part of our Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure Team


Olly, Exodus Walking & Trekking ExpertI've worked at Exodus for nearly 3 years now. I've had a few adventures in Turkey, on the Lycian Activity Week, and in Norway, where I cross-country skied at Kvitavatn. However my real passion is for trekking. I've been to the Dolomites in Italy, hanging off the rocks on via ferrate cables, trekked the Julian Alps in Slovenia, the Inca Trail in Peru, Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna range in Nepal, and Ladakh in India. In my opinion, you can't beat the mountains for a good holiday. Get yourselves out there!

Olly is part of our Walking & Trekking Team


Paula, Exodus Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure ExpertMy love of travel first started when I went inter railing around Europe as a young student wetting my appetite to explore new destinations and cultures. Over the years I have indulged further with my passion for travel taking me to a diversity of amazing countries such as trekking some of the remotest parts of the Great Wall in China, camping out under the star lit skies of the Western Desert in Egypt, being enchanted in mystical Tibet, losing myself amongst the peaceful temples of Kyoto in Japan. I have also enjoyed working in the travel industry for nearly 10 years giving me the opportunity to expand on my experience and so finding my path at Exodus Travels.

Paula is part of our  Discovery, Wildlife & Adventure Team


Sharmil, Exodus Family Adventures ExpertFrom paragliding in South Africa to cycling in the Loire valley, pretending to be Indiana Jones in the Lost City of Petra to whale watching in Bali, my travelling has certainly been varied! Each experience and memory, however, has developed an attitude of respect and admiration for the world we live in and the people who inhabit it. I have worked in adventure travel for 6 years and find Exodus an inspiring environment to be in. We have a great ethos in regards to our commitment to responsible tourism, which is just as important as providing a range of fantastic world-wide itineraries and trips.

Sharmil is part of our Family Adventures Team


Vanessa, Exodus Polar Expert Like most, I fell into the travel industry when I left University and decided it was time to get a "proper job" and so, joined a crew of six on a luxury hotel barge in the Burgundy region of France - best to ease into these things gently! Since then, my 13 years in travel has taken me to all ends of the globe - Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Africa, Canada & the Americas and more recently, whilst at Exodus, to the Polar regions of Spitzbergen and Antarctica.
Ballooning over the Valley of the Kings at sunrise ; drinking sundowners in a 4 x 4 with a cheetah tail hanging down between me and the person next to me; sitting in a zodiac metres away from a male Polar bear, are just a handful of the amazing experiences I have had. I have been working in Exodus' Special Groups and Polar department for just over three years and really enjoy working with like-minded people, who share my passion for travel.

Vanessa is part of our Private/Special Groups Team


Will, Exodus Cycling ExpertSince I was a young lad, my up-bringing around the Yorkshire dales has never left me and I still relish escaping my urban London bunker to clear my mind in the high fells of Wensleydale. My choice to go into travel was easy; to learn about and discover places of inspiration and indulge myself in cultures far be-known to me. It's become an addiction! Borneo first opened my eyes to this, seeing how the Iban people lived side by side with the Orang-utan population plus letting the sunrise warm my frozen hands on Mont Kinabalu's summit was the cherry on the cake. I'm also still eternally grateful to the camel that rode me deep into the Moroccan golden sand dunes of Erg Chebb - sleeping under a ballet of stars dancing above me was a night to remember. Tranquility at it's purest. My recent find was Slovenia whilst trekking amongst jaw-dropping alpine views and it's beautifully green cascading rivers. Another country I'd love to experience again in the saddle or white-water rafting.
Next up is cycling between Bangkok to Saigon with the grand finale at Angkor Wat. I'll race you to it!

Will is part to our Agency and Cycling Teams


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