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The Cycling Experts

A pioneering range of worldwide cycling holidays. Off Road, Self-Guided and On Road cycling from THE specialists so if you've got any questions ask our Experts on 0845 863 9600.


Ian, Exodus Cycling and Family Adventures ExpertI discovered my passion for travel in my mid twenties when I took a year out and went to Australia to find out what everyone else my age was raving about! After a fantastic year away I enrolled on a travel course at a college in Brighton and six months later I had my first job within the travel industry. That was 7 years ago and I haven't looked back since! I have worked for Adventure Tour Operators, and have enjoyed the variety of trips that we offer as there is always something new to learn and discover about the world. I am one of the Cycling experts and have travelled on numerous cycling trips. I also enjoy downhill skiing and try to fit in at least one trip a year. My favourite country has to be Turkey, which I have visited numerous times, followed a close second by Croatia. Trips that I have planned for the future include Costa Rica, Gozo and India. So many places to go and never enough time!


Kai, Exodus Cycling ExpertI have been at Exodus for over 11 years now, and have travelled extensively in that time. Despite my Scandinavian roots, my favourite part of the world is South East Asia. Having travelled throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Vietnam already, I plan to visit Sri Lanka later in the year (Cycling the Backroads), with Japan to follow in the near future. My introduction to the region came as recently as 2005, on an Exodus tour to Thailand, and I haven't stopped returning since (having a Malaysian wife who speaks Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin certainly helps too!). The warm weather, welcoming people, unusual food (I've tried everything from beetles to chicken feet - but I do prefer a nice Thai yellow curry given the choice) and rich mix of cultures in the region make it my first choice everytime.


Will, Exodus Cycling ExpertSince I was a young lad, my up-bringing around the Yorkshire dales has never left me and I still relish escaping my urban London bunker to clear my mind in the high fells of Wensleydale. My choice to go into travel was easy; to learn about and discover places of inspiration and indulge myself in cultures far be-known to me. It's become an addiction! Borneo first opened my eyes to this, seeing how the Iban people lived side by side with the Orang-utan population plus letting the sunrise warm my frozen hands on Mont Kinabalu's summit was the cherry on the cake. I'm also still eternally grateful to the camel that rode me deep into the Moroccan golden sand dunes of Erg Chebb - sleeping under a ballet of stars dancing above me was a night to remember. Tranquility at it's purest. My recent find was Slovenia whilst trekking amongst jaw-dropping alpine views and it's beautifully green cascading rivers. Another country I'd love to experience again in the saddle or white-water rafting.
Next up is cycling between Bangkok to Saigon with the grand finale at Angkor Wat. I'll race you to it!

Andy - Cycling Programme Manager

Andy, Exodus Cycling ExpertCycling has always played a significant part in my life. I started racing BMX bikes at the age of 8, only moving on when I grew too tall to ride one. I was then converted to the sport of Mountain Biking. I raced frequently as well as completing a number of long-distance expeditions, before becoming a Tour Leader with Exodus. After spending nearly 5 years leading cycling trips to far-flung destinations like China, Vietnam, Morocco, Chile and Argentina, I am now based in the office managing the Cycling Programme. It has been a real pleasure to develop a career out of an activity that I am so passionate about. I still cycle on a daily basis and compete in 'Cyclosportive' events on the roads of the Alps, Pyrenees and Dolomites each summer.

Olly - Leader Operations Manager

Olly, Exodus Cycling ExpertI've been a dyed-in-the-wool mountain biker since 1990, and have been fortunate enough to have ridden my bike all over the world, from the wilds of Morocco, to the buffed singletrack of Utah, to the high altitude nirvana of Nepal. My preference is for tight, technical singletrack, but I'm happy to ride anywhere that can supply a good view from the trail and a great post-ride coffee shop. In the Exodus office I look after the recruitment and training of new leaders, and help keep our workshop and bike hire fleet ticking over happily!

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