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One Pound For Tiger Found


What's the story?

Award-winning wildlife photographer, guide and Exodus stalwart, Paul Goldstein, is embarking on an extraordinary journey: Running the Brighton marathon on Sunday 15th April, hoping to summit Africa’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro (5895m), on Thursday 19th April, and then 'running' the London marathon on Sunday 22nd - all of which he will be doing in a 9ft tall tiger costume...and yes you did read that correctly... all in one week!

The Cause

Bengal Tigers matter to Exodus and particularly to Exodus’ resident wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein, who has spent many hours watching and photographing them in the wild. Each year hundreds of wildlife enthusiasts travel to India hoping for a glimpse of this magnificent predator. Tigers are teetering on the edge of extinction in the wild, but are holding in Bandhavgarh at 59. Despite their desperately low numbers and concerted efforts to protect them, they are still suffering at the hands of man.

In mid-April Paul Goldstein will be running the Brighton Marathon, then flying to Tanzania with Exodus’ Head of Product, Jim Eite, with his tiger suit in tow to guide a trek on Kilimanjaro. Then running the London Marathon on his return. All in the name of raising money and awareness for the plight of the Bengal tiger.

To sponsor Paul and the team, visit the Worth More Alive III Just Giving Page. In the UK, you can also text a donation between £1 and £10 by texting LEFT59 followed by the amount you wish to donate (between £1 and £10) to 70070.


Attention: Calling all Marathon and Tiger fans...(Paul starts running on 15 April 2012)

Whether you're watching from the comfort of your home or cheering the runners on from the roadside, we have a fabulous opportunity for you to help raise money for our Worth More Alive tiger charity campaign.

There is no catch! You don't have to spend any of your own money, you actually spend ours!

Twitter Fans - Raise £1 per tweet, £2 per picture

It's simple! If you see the Exodus tiger on race day (even if you're watching it on TV!), just tweet using the #exodustiger tag. Tell us where you spotted the tiger, make an appropriate comment and we'll donate £1 for every tweet towards our project. £2 per twitpic.


Facebook Fans - Raise £1 per message, £2 per picture

You can also post your tiger sightings on our Facebook page. For each comment we receive on the Exodus Facebook page, we'll donate £1 per message. Better still, if you take a picture of the tiger and post it on our page we'll donate £2 per image.

Upload to Exodus Community Images

Exodus Community Images

 Simply click here and start adding videos and photos to our Community images/videos page. (You will need to registered to our website if are a new visitor. It is all very simple so register now!) For every image or video we'll donate £1.


Email Us

Email usNo problem if you are not a fan of socail networking. Simply email us stating where you have seen the tiger.. For every email received we'll donate £1 or £2 if you also attach an image.


From all the images we are sent, Paul will personally select the winning image. Best photo wins a limited edition signed and framed tiger print By Paul. For details of dates and routes of the four marathons, please see our Worth More Alive page.

Please Sponsor Paul

Paul is going to need all the encouragement he can get to pull off this marathon effort, so please sponsor him via his Just Giving page. For full details of when and where Paul is presenting and running and information about what the money raised will be used for, please visit our Worth More Alive 2 page.

So keep your eyes peeled and help save the tigers  - they really are Worth More Alive.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Donations will be made on a per person basis, not for every comment or picture uploaded. So any one person can only raise a maximum of £1 for a comment or £2 for a picture and comment. (But please feel free to add as many comments and pictures as you can!).
  • Any images or comments uploaded may be published in Exodus marketing communications.
  • We reserve the right to remove any comments or pictures we deem inappropriate.


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